Top 4 Live Location Sharing App

Nowadays, we can virtually connect with anyone, anywhere in the world, thanks to the commendable development in the technology sector. There is lots of Live Location Sharing Apps making it easier, faster as well as precise.

As we are observing the huge rise smartphones and social media, it is easy now to remain connected and to track your friends and family with the help of smartphones and internet. If your friends or family members having the live location sharing app installed, you can easily access their site without any hassle using these tools.

4 Best Live Location Sharing App That You Can Install on Your Android Smartphone

We can find a huge number of Live Location Sharing Apps which can be useful to track your friends and family. Here, we are going to mention the top 4 apps that help you in tracking the live location of your friends and relatives.



This is the best Live Location sharing app, perfect for Android mobiles. There are many features which make this app better than other Live Location sharing apps.

  • Provides a real-time location of the contacts
  • Fulfils Privacy related constraints
  • Geofencing through Meetup feature
  • Constitute Chat feature
  • It is also accessible through web interface
  • Easily accessible SOS button sent quick alert pre-set contacts
  • Available for free to Android users, no subscription charges


Google Maps


Google has put this feature in its Maps. Users can access this feature from the navigation drawer on the left. When your contact shares their location with you, it appears on the bar at the top of the map. You can just tap there to see their current location.

If you have access to the contact device’s Google Account, you can also use Google Maps to find their current location. It can also be used to obtain a record of a user’s previous locations on a monthly / yearly basis. Google Maps is available for free.



It is a fair choice if you want third-party cross-platform apps. Along with the location sharing feature, it also has other features that make this app worth installing. With this app, you can control not only what people can see and how long they’re able to view it as well.

Glympse is used for real-time location tracking and supports multiple platforms. It can be used to find out exactly where your loved ones or employees are. The only drawback is that it does not work in stealth mode.

Family Locator Life 360


Family Locator GPS Tracker is also developed by the creators of Life360 ​​to make the practice of location sharing more social. By installing the app on the smartphones of your family members, they can easily track your friends and family with simple tap on their smartphone.

Similar to other live location sharing apps along with primary feature of location sharing you can create multiple group or circle out of your immediate family members, according to your requirement. Apart from sharing, you can also message from this app as well.

CatchMe: A Perfect Tool as a Live Location Tracker App

CatchMe: A Perfect Tool as a Live Location Tracker App

CatchMe is the most precise way to find the live location of other users through your smartphone. It is an extensive mobile application which can be considered as a highly accurate Live Location Tracker. CatchMe is made to be quick responsive, reliable and providing real-time location information with high accuracy while maintaining the battery consumption efficient.

The CatchMe App can be easily downloaded from the Google’s Play store as it is gaining huge popularity among the smartphone users during recent times.

How is CatchMe beneficial as the Live Location Tracker?

The CatchMe is built in the practical as well as the user-friendly way to not only share the location related data among users but also to enable users to explore real-world applications with the CatchMe app in the hand. Being a highly precise Live Location Tracker CatchMe is having following benefits.
CatchMe 2003i

  • Sharing: The primary feature of CatchMe is instant Live-Location sharing with your trusted contacts. You can easily control the extent up to which you can share the live-location.
  • Privacy & Secure: As a CatchMe user, you have control on the sharing of the live-location based on several criteria, such as closeness with other contacts, selective contacts, setting a “static” location etc.
  • Accuracy: The CatchMe is made with highly accurate and latest APIs so that it can generate high accuracy while the live-location is shared through it as a Live Location Tracker tool.
  • Easy-to-use: Along with the location and map-related accuracy, the CatchMe developers consistently put their efforts to smoothen the usage of the app. The smooth user-experience encourages the users for using the app instantly at the times whenever needed.

What are the usages of CatchMe as the Live Location Tracker?

Though CatchMe can be beneficial in many ways in the daily life of an average user, as a Live Location Trackers, it can be very useful in ensuring the safety of not only your loved ones but your property also.CatchMe 0607a

  • If you own a car and/or other certain valuable items which may get stolen, then with the help of CatchMe device and Geo-Fencing feature you can instantly get alerted, if stolen.
  • If your son/daughter or if you have old-age parents then through the Geo-fencing feature of CatchMe, you get immediately notified if they enter or exit an area where they shouldn’t.

What is this Geo-fencing feature of CatchMe?

The CatchMe app constitutes a feature called “Meetup” which is based on Geo-Fencing technique on the map. It can be highly useful in many ways, and above-mentioned are just two such instances.

Let’s see how the “Meetup” feature of CatchMe makes it a brilliant Live Location tracker for daily life purposes.

  1. In this Geo-Fencing based feature of CatchMe, you can set and specify a particular area as a circle of the variable radius on the map.
  2. Add the required contacts, as the participants for the “Meetup” for that marked circular area.
  3. Now, according to set time whenever anyone of the participant contacts enters or exits to/from the marked area, then you get notified immediately.

The live location tracker like CatchMe along with its GPS tracking devices provides the peace of mind throughout the day especially when you remain out of contact with your home and the family members.

CatchMe 2003gWith the advancing technologies and long battery lives in the smartphones and the GPS trackers, it is increasingly becoming easier to use these for long-term tracking and security of the family members and others throughout the year.

The Live Location tracker like CatchMe is changing the way users operate and such tools allowing many users to reduce stress regarding family security, recovering cover stolen items, and stop thieves in their tracks. We look to see the many uses for Live Location Trackers to increase as more home and business owners learn of novel ways to make it work more for them, like this.

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For Moms Everywhere – Shed your worries with this Kids’ Safety App

For Moms Everywhere – Shed your worries with this Kids’ Safety App

Children safety is a mother’s prime concern and a Kids’ Safety App, helps mothers by functionalities such as GPS Tracking, SOS Emergency Alarm, Live Map tracking, etc.

Knowing where your loved ones are in real time and when they would reach their destination gives a lot of stress to parents these days. As parents, we like knowing whether our kids have reached school/home/coaching or not.

Relying only on mobiles for safety

Kids’ safety app is better than to rely solely on voice call in emergencies. Access of mobiles to kids have made keeping abreast of information easy but there are many cases in which we cannot reach them or we are struck somewhere and cannot make a phone call. Cases such as battery of phone is dead or the phone not working, so what to do in those situations. Parents mentally go through list of all the persons whom they can call to enquire about their child. Continue reading “For Moms Everywhere – Shed your worries with this Kids’ Safety App”

Teenagers and their phone – a way to keep them safe

Teenagers and their phone – a way to keep them safe

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Smart phones these days can do a lot more than providing only connectivity.

Family Safety Apps

There are a large number of family safety apps available for android as well as iphone these days. These apps provide a way to keep your family members safe.

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Are you prepared for any emergency?

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Catch ME Global

Catch ME Global

There are huge numbers of apps for location tracking however, CatchMe is one of the best GPS Live Location Tracking App as it provides many benefits such as Safety, Security, SOS Alarm, Safe Meetings, Real Time Notifications etc. Download CatchMe now and help keep your family & friends safe.